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"Why me?" Some days I wonder why this gift was given to me. I didn't understand. I didn't ask for it. There is nothing special about me, I am just an ordinary guy. But yet, it still came. It took several years to make peace with it all and to understand what my gift was.

I feel very humbled. It brings a tear to my eye with each treatment that I do. I am grateful that I am able to deliver whatever a person is needing. It's not me doing the work; it is the spirits coming through me. My whole life I have wanted to help people. I believe we are all gifted in our own way. This is my gift to share with the world.

Just be who you really are. Don't be somebody you are not.

"As we walk the long journey of our short lives, may we be filled with peace, love and compassion."

- Gary George
Grey Wolf Spirit Medicine

For more information, look for his soon to be released, spiritual biography, "Custodian of Souls."



Gary George is a shamanic healer who uses traditional drums and rattles to create profound change in the energy fields of the human body. His healing gifts began to arrive spontaneously when he was in his early forties, and they have been intensifying at a rapid rate ever since. He is of Métis descent, and the First Nations connection is central to his work as he draws on the assistance of his ancestors and numerous helping spirits to dispel negative energy and achieve optimal balance in his clients.

Gary is equally at home doing group healings or one-on-one treatments. Although he began his work using hands-on techniques, he rapidly evolved to a place where physical contact was no longer necessary. Consequently, he is also quite adept at delivering distance healing as well.

While the energy shifts that occur during Gary's sessions can be quite dramatic, his playful nature and warm humour before and after create a relaxed atmosphere, allowing people to receive optimal benefit from his work. He makes his home by the ocean in Qualicum Bay on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.


Treatments (long distance and personal OR in-person)

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Healing Treatment Audio (MP3 or CD)

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This shamanic energy audio uses the vibrations and frequencies from drums and rattles to facilitate healing on a variety of levels. It is designed to address the specific concerns of the listener and will resonate differently with each individual according to his or her needs. Healing may take place on the emotional, spiritual, and subconscious levels, and even on the physical plane.

Audio Treatment Testimonials

While listening to Grey Wolf's CD I can actually feel the Relaxing, warmth and comforting sense of healing energy throughout my entire body, subtle yet Powerful!

I had the ability to experience inner peace and healing. It helped me to clear out stuff that was clogging my emotional body. The sacred drumming, and Gary's voice touches you to the very core of you being. This C/D takes you into a journey of remembering your divine essence. I've been sleeping soundly after listening to it. My head is clear and I'm light and positive and very happy. The sound stays with me long after listening to the CD. Truly magnificent CD with both depth and beauty. All's I can say is give yourself this wonderful gift. The possibilities of usage are endless.....

Thank-you again for the great gift!

Much love and many Blessings

Bonnie, Cowichan Bay B.C.


This is one of the best drumming Cd's I have heard, it was re-energizing, enlightening, soul healing and extremely beautiful. Gary's Shamanic energy can be felt from the moment it starts to the moment it ends. I would highly recommend this to everyone.

Thanks guys

Infinity - Gifts for your soul
124 Craig St
Parksville BC


Gary George's Drumming CD is a GREAT STRESS RELIEVER! I laid on the floor with my little dog laying on my legs, letting the sounds and vibrations surround us. We both became a puddle melting into the carpet. In a blink of a eye, 45 minutes was over and both dog and I, took some time to come back to reality! It felt so good. Thank you Gary for sharing it with me.

Adrienne Beauregard


I had the opportunity to listen to Gary's audio treatment CD. As the chanting started and the drumming commenced, my unconscious and soul opened to the session.

I saw shadows of light, and birds of prey began communicating with me. Serpent heads wearing a pharaoh's headpiece came as a vision. I saw one of my guides who is an old native chief. I was cleansed by my guides. At one point I felt my spirit leave my body and then I was looking at myself lying on the couch. I felt my spirit return to my body and it was so strong, I almost fell off. When the treatment was finished I felt enlightened and refreshed.

I have had private sessions with Gary prior listening to this audio CD. While I was listening to the audio I could not feel the difference, it was as if he was right there with me in the room.

Marc R., LPN


Wow! Your CD has magical powers! Right from the very beginning, I could feel a sensation in my stomach, as if someone had their hands inside my body and was massaging my stomach and intestines. This lasted for a while at which point I could tell I was in an extremely relaxed state. When the CD ended, I just laid there not wanting to move or end this amazing feeling. Wow!

Susan, Parksville, BC


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When Gary beats his drum, the energy change is quite palpable. It's like all the cells in your body synchronize with the vibrations of his drum and with the cells of everyone else present in the room. Then he uses his rattles, he takes you to a new place altogether. It's absolutely magical!

Derek H., English Professor, Port Alberni, BC

I just wanted to let you know what a difference the session I had with you is making in my life. As you know, I was slipping more and more into unhappiness and dissatisfaction, living an unauthentic life in a place that did not support me mentally, emotionally or spiritually, and being totally blocked and unable to claim my power and make the changes I needed to make in order to live my life as I was meant to do, and be happy and satisfied. Just one session with you dissolved the blocks and opened the door that enabled me to manifest the changes my heart had been craving and step back into empowerment. I am now living where I want to live and beginning to do the work I have been wanting to do. I am happy, and I am satisfied that I am on the right path at last.

I am continually amazed at the state of my health--this is the first winter I can remember not getting sick--and I didn't have a flu shot! You and the work you are doing are truly a blessing to this planet and the beings on it. I am so grateful to have found the help and healing I had been asking for. I am grateful for the opportunity to know you and have the blessing of your friendship.

The house clearings have been amazing too. Our place in Arizona had been sitting empty for seven months. The property management people couldn't understand why every prospective tenant walked away when, as they said, "it's such a nice place". I don't know why it took so long for me to call you, but, after you worked long distance, on it, a tenant signed a lease three days later.

I don't know what you do, or how you do it, I only know that it works! I only wish I'd called you months sooner! Looking forward to the next time we meet.

Diane I., Nanaimo, BC

Unbelievable! It's the only word that could come close to describing the things that happened to me and only those who have experienced this would believe me. I don't talk about this much because it still terrifies me.

One night while I slept I felt as though someone or something was holding me down, not only did I feel paralyzed, I couldn't speak either. I thought I was having a bad dream until the same thing happened over and over again, each time becoming more and more terrifying. I came to realize I was under attack and it wasn't about to stop. The attacks became more aggressive, from being held down and feeling paralyzed to being pressed down hard into my bed. I was scared to go to sleep.

I was afraid everyone would think I had gone crazy, I only had one person to talk to, and he contacted Gary. I had met Gary a long time before this so I had an idea of what type of work he did, but I had no idea of how much I would come to appreciate and respect his healing ways and gift of knowledge. When I arrived I was apprehensive, I didn't know what to expect. I was welcomed by an understanding smile, the kind of smile people give you when they know exactly what you are feeling. Gary told me everything was going to be ok and I just knew I wouldn't have to be afraid anymore. There was music, drums, and rattles; I lay down on a massage table and Gary went to work. I listened to the music while he played the drums and rattles all around me, as scared as I was I also knew I was safe. My whole body felt very heavy at first, and then in my chest I felt a pushing and pulling sensation. This seemed to go on forever. I couldn't stop the tears from pouring down my face and I wasn't sure why, I finally felt as though a massive weight had been lifted out of me. I knew at that moment this horrifying experience was over! I would be able to sleep in peace from that night on, and I have.

Thank you Gary! Thank you for your gift, your time, and your understanding. But most of all thank you for giving me back my peace of mind.

Carol, Port Alberni, BC

Wanted to let you know that subtle changes have (and are) taking place after your clearing/cleansing. Nothing has been what I would call dramatic but definitely noticeable. The smoky fogginess (for lack of a better word) has gone - especially at night! We've both had better night's sleep, although Friday and Saturday night's storm did wake us several times. But dreams are comfortable instead of frightening - for both of us. A very good thing!! :-)) For me, it's easier to breathe again and I feel little, if any, tension in my shoulders. The sense of dark energy that I would feel now and then has disappeared. How nice!

A big change.

When you left, Maxi seemed a little dazed but OK. Friday night he slept!! Saturday he slept and slept and slept!! Very unusual for him but, understandable. And Saturday night he was his "old" self again: loving and playful and very sweet. For quite a while, at least since earlier this year, I had begun to see him change and distance himself from me slightly but very noticeable. There were times when I could sense something about him but didn't have a clue what it was; it had me worried 'cause I love the dude!! :-)) But now he seems lighter, as we and the house also are - thanks to you! Physically I'm hoping the lightness will bring some changes. The tingling in my right hand was quite mild Saturday and Sunday but today it's more noticeable again. :-(( It'll be interesting to see if other physical "difficulties" begin to lighten up also! I'm patient and open to good things happening for everyone!

Just want to say that I really appreciate the difference you've made for us. Thank you so much!



Gary, thank you for helping my clients shift and clear energy in order for them to get their homes sold. The folks up on W Crescent couldn't believe it when they received an offer within a week or so of you being there. I know the clients I have asked you to help me with really appreciate how easily you were able to tap into what is going on within them and the empathy you share in helping to work through the process of letting go and moving towards healing. All this in just a sale of a home. I too have enjoyed your Sunday gatherings with Ines. The combination of hypnosis, drumming and chanting has helped me to release unwanted emotions not to mention weight. Again thank you for being you I'm glad our worlds as different as they are brought us together on this journey.

Love always.

Dawn, Qualicum Beach, BC

It may not have been as subtle as I had expected at first. You could definitely feel something as it happened. I saw a wolf howling near the end and wasn't sure what to make of it at first. I sat up sort of confused and wasn't sure if it had worked. It clearly had worked, I knew for sure because a few days later I had a connection with someone I've known for not too long in our world, but clearly I have known them for quite a long time in the spiritual world.

I have to thank you again because tonight I had the most intense unexplainable phenomenon in my life, it was very spiritual and I thank you for ridding me of the demons that haunted me from connecting with myself for years.

Liam D, Campbell River, BC

I have had different experiences with mediums, with entities for many years. When I first heard about drumming, I was rather reluctant to try it. Gary is the first person who assisted me in discovering this world.

I didn't expect the experience to touch me so profoundly. During my first drumming session, I had visions, could hear and feel the entities presences. I also had an out of body experience. I have had many more drumming sessions with him and I look forward to having more.

My 13 year old daughter once participated in a drumming session and afterwards all she was talking about was that her auntie, that passed away a few years earlier, was there with her. She was very emotional. She was very happy her aunt visited her, but also felt strange about the whole experience.

Marc R., LPN, Courtenay, BC

A very powerful healer! After a horrendous week of psychic attack I felt it was necessary to call Gary for help. Almost immediately after he cleared the negative energy, the effects of the attack ceased and a great feeling of calm came over me. Over the coming weeks circumstances improved more and more. Thank you Gary!

Sean H.


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